My DIY Modular

When I decided to build myself a modular system in 2005 I thought I had to choose an existing format. Since I wanted to use the system (or parts of it) for live performances I opted for eurorack. Small form factor, easy to carry...

Eurorack has seen a massive boom in the past few years. A lot of new manufacturers, a lot of new customers, and thus a lot of new DIYers who are interested in projects for DIY.

Nevertheess, especially the older prjects I built have not been meant for eurorack. EFM was more frac rack oriented, CGS is 4U serge style. MFOS is generic, an approach that I like very much. Anyway, I never cared about the corner the PCB provider came from, and today I design the PCBs to be generic most of the time.

In my progress of building modules I tried to make selfcontained systems. So each cabinet could be used on it's own. At least that's what I originally aimed to. Sometimes it worked out well, sometimes not.