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I am still in the process of transferring the content from modular.fonik.de. Takes longer than expected, and meanwhile a php update came into the way. Hope it is worth the efforts.


Rather a musician than an electronics engineer I was always looking for new sounds. This finally(?) let me to modular synth. Once I purchased some Dopefer modules for a modular guitar effect the plan rose to build my own modular synth... this was in 2005 and I never held an soldering iron in my hands before, nor did i know anything at all about electronics. The following pages will show my efforts during this ongoing journey...

These pages are meant as a presentation of the synth DIY i do. I started as a noob, and i am still learning. So we are all.

A WORD ABOUT PRESS'N'PEEL PCB LAYOUTS: For a few of my modules i made single sided PCB layouts. They worked for me, they are not perfect though. Sometimes i might have made some mistakes. So if you have some findings don't hesitate to contact me. Certain layouts show footprints for cliff sockets in order to mount these PCBs to the front panels. They are not placed according the .8 inch grid,  The spacing follows the metric system: 20mm spacing. Consider this before making panels.

A WORD ABOUT PROFESSIONAL MANUFACTURED PCBs: In the past couple of years for some projects i made PCB designs and sold batches of them via forum's. It is not my intention to run an online store, so i normally don't stock them. And all the announcements, sales and discussions about building these projects is communicated via the muffwiggler DIY forum and my sub-forum at electro-music.com.

A WORD ABOUT BUILDING OTHER PEOPLE CIRCUITS: I think it's a good practice to breadboard any of the circuits i find in the world wide web before i do a PCB or a frontpanel. Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. I do, you do and others do.