Tech Tips

Just this and that, pieces of basic information that somehow got together here.

Title Extension Size Description
Transistor Pinout jpg 53.17 KB the pinout of different transistors in TO-92 package
Power connectors jpg 96.17 KB the pinout of power connecotrs from different formats
Potentiomter Labeling jpg 52.53 KB where is CW, CCW and Wiper?
Passive Attenuator jpg 12.78 KB how to wire-up a passive attenuator
On-On-On Switch gif 7.80 KB how to wire a 2PDT on-on-on toggle switch
MOTM 2 Eurorack jpg 373.12 KB how to connect your MOTM PCB to Eurorack w/o another header
LFO Range Switch jpg 24.49 KB how to add a LFO range switch to your project
Grounding 101 pdf 80.35 KB with kind permission of Harry Bissell
Capacitors 101 pdf 48.45 KB with kind permission of Harry Bissell