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PCBs / Panels for sale

Over the past several years i made PCBs and Panels for quite a few Thomas Henry DIY projects, as well as for my own fonitronik DIY projects.
These are available via retailers, in general i don't have any stock and won't sell directly.

If something is out of stock just bug the retailers to re-stock.

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Thomas Henry Projects

Over the past  couple of years i had the privilege and pleasure to publish PCBs and front panels for several Thomas henry designs. Thomas Henry contributed quite a lot great designs to the synth-DIY community. He published several books on the same topic. The designs are either making use of ICs that have not been used this way before or try to use easily available common parts. Either way the designs are unique and the results are great.

Below you will find my documentations for the PCBs i provided for his projects so far.

If not provided in the documents below the original schematics and BOMs can be found in the Thomas Henry subforum at

555VCO.jpg555 VCO

TH 555-VCO Build Notes.pdf









4046VCO.jpg4046 VCO

TH X-4046 VCO v2.pdf









2164VCFVCA.jpg2164 VCF/VCA

TH 2164 VCF/VCA v1









ContLFO.jpgController LFO

TH Controller LFO Build Notes.pdf



















coming soon (later in 2017) ...

  • Thomas Henry VCO Maximus, taking the CEM3340 VCO to the next level.
  • Thomas Henry Quadrature VCO (triangle core)
  • Thomas Henry OTA based VC Panner/Fader VCA

fonitronik DIY

PS3100.jpgTriple Vactrol Resonators
(PS3100 bandpass VCF core)










also available from THONK

  • The Cascade (fonitronik), a three channel attenuverter, mixer, processor in 4HP, the swiss army knofe for your Eurorack
  • Attenuverting Chicklets (fonitronik), a small attenuverter PCB chicklet for retrofitting you existing DIY modules or more...

new module in the works:

Nemesis DigiFX