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fonitronikDIY PS3000 Resonators

PS3100I'm in love with that one!

(Click image for FPD-file)

It's a rebirth of the legendary Resonators from the Korg PS3000 series. It provides three vactrol controlled bandpass-filters and a simple triangle wave LFO. Three LEDs indicate the current status of each filters frequency.

The three CV inputs utilize switching jack sockets. The CV2 & 3 inputs are normalled in parallel to CV1. Any control voltage applied to CV1 controls all three Resonators. As soon as as any of the other CV inputs is used the corresponding Resonator is controled by this CV only. The output of the LFO is internally normalled to all three CV inputs.

The Resonator press'n'peel blue PCB layout is tested and works properly. The LFO and the LEDs are not part of the press'n'peel PCB layout.

This is a predecessor of the PS3100 Resonators project i sold professional manufactured PCBs for.