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fonitronikDIY Buchlaesque

BuchlaesqueThis module incorporates two buchlaidian types of voltage and audio processing.

(Click image for FPD-file)

The CV processor is designed to give buchlaidian type processing for control voltages. Two channels, both with manual +/-processing, offset & glide controls. This circuit was originally based on a Chris MacDonald design modified by Peter Grenader. Besides some minor changes i incorporated a lag pot, a trimmer for calibration of a center taped pot (+/-processing) and there's a resistor missing in the original schematic to bring the LEDs to life.
BTW wiring the offset pot between the supply rails gives you the possibility of negative offset, too...

The dual low pass gate is Peter Grenaders adaptation of the classic 292C from the Electric Music Box. He substituted a DPDT ON-OFF-ON switch for the 4016 analog switch originally used.
In later versions i incorporated the resonance modification as suggested by Mark Verbos via the DIY forum. You find it in the PCB documentation below as well.