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(Modules from left to right, from top do bottom)

Baby10 Sequencer

Flywired Baby10 Sequencer in 19''/2U

fonitronikDIY PS3100 Resonators

The 1st version of the K0RG PS3100 Resonators.

fonitronikDIY SSM2044 VCF

My version of this low pass fiilter on a chip.


Jürgen Haibles Wasp clone.

Doepfer A-156 Quantizer

I made a custom panel for this.

fonitronikDIY Buchlaesque

2x Voltage Processor & 2x LPG

CGS09 VC Divider

Use this as a timing accessory for sequencers, or with a VCO for frequency trills like those of the old 8-bit computer games. Unilke other voltage controlled dividers, this one preserves the pulse width of the incoming signal.

Thomas Henry's SN76477 Voice

SN Voice offered by sMs electronics

CGS57 Bi-N-Tic VCF/O

This is a strange mixture of a VCO and a switched capacitor filter based on the filter presented by Jan Hall in Electronotes. If you are after something different, this fits the bill. After all, how many filters have a sync input?

CGS58 Utility LFO

The Utility LFO is a dual manually controlled LFO offering a number of standard and combined outputs for general low frequency work, such as filter and phaser sweeps, clocking sequencers and so on.

fonitronikDIY Sequential Switch (old)

The old version of my 4-way sequential switch, CMOS4052 based.

MFOS Dual VCA (lin/log)

A simple and handy dual VCA, based on the 13700 OTA.


A voltage controlled ADSR/LFO with trigger and gate mode.

CGS01 Harmonic Suboscillator

Use this twin sub-oscillator with one or two VCOs for fat sounding lead or harmonies, or with a VCO and an LFO for harmonic sequences, or as a pattern based sequencer.


Two waveshapers and a suboscillator in one module.