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EFM dual VCO 3D

EFM VCO3DThe 3rd module i built.

(Click image for FPD-file)

This Dual VCO is based on the Moog Rogue oscillators and features
- Two wide range VCOs
- Saw and Varable PW
- Syncable

Using the tempco option i found it hard to get the VCO stable though. Tuning the VCOs turned out to be difficile too. For once you tune one VCO the other gets untuned. Additionaly, if you tune up one VCO for a 5th sound, i.e., the other VCO gets influenced too. These are not two independent VCOs, due to the design. There is no precision voltage source for the critical points of the VCO, they share the same PCB, GND, Rails...

Enough reasons to build some more VCOs. Unfortunately I did not manage to build one of Ian Fritz VCOs, yet, Nevertheless, the Thomas Henry VCOs i built serve more than well. You might want to refer to the VCOs in the other Cabinets i built.