Traces of concern

Meanwhile i extracted the KLM-367 board and removed the old battery. A more thoughly examination of the traces revealed that previous repair has not been sufficient. They obviously just cleaned the PCB on the surface and replaced one trace underneath the IC31 AND gates by a wire.
So the acid of the battery leakage continued destroying some traces and vias.

I marked all affected traces on hte PCB printout. To remove and replace all bad traced it would be the best to remove the socket of IC31 completely.Something i actually wanted to avoid, since this would be the 2nd desoldering action on this footprint - and each PCB has its limits... on the other hand i don't want the acid to degrade the PCB any more.
One solution could be to cut the bad traces, but not remove them. This way the acid cannot crawl any further and i would most probably not have to desolder the IC socket.