The journey begins...

A few days ago I snatched a broken KORG POLYSIX, a pig in the poke, actually.

As i've been told the former owner bought it exactly 30 years ago, used it for about 10 years, and then stored it away for 20 years. Just recently he plugged it in for the first time after 20 years and all he heard was some strange noises, he said. I suspected a battery leakage.

Now here she is. And the first look gave me a sense of foreboding: heavily oxidized screws, some rust blisters here and there... My fear was that the acid of the battery leakage might have wreaked it's havoc for years, destroying the KLM-367 memory/controller PCB beyond repair. Anyways, on the first day i had no time to open it up and take a closer look.

PS-001TN PS-002TN