The battery leakage problem

After opening the unit i was more than just relieved. The battery installed still showed no signs of leakage. So i powered the synth up. Yes, no proper sounds, but this was what i expected anyways. I quickly recognized that i could program a new sound, all controls of the sound engine obviously still worked. A few keys of the keybed where not working. Another thing i expected. However, the unit is totally out of tune and need a complete calibration procedure, i guess.
Nevertheless i stopped any testing here, leaving the memory functions alone. I wanted to install a new CR2032 battery first.

Now i took a closer look at the KLM-367 and quickly saw that someone must have been done a leakage repair at some point. Most probably long time ago, since they installed another old NI-cad battery again...Anyways, i saw that the AND gates near the battery have been replaced and socketed, and the solder stopmask was dull. Obviously they had removed the acid from the battery leakage only on the surface, and meanwhile the acid did some damage to a few traces. But i think the damage is not too bad, as you can see in the picture below. I spotted one affected trace near the AND gates (IC31), and the wide GND trace has been affected on two spots. Doable, so the board will not have to be replaced.